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Bijoux Indiscrets - Erotic Cosmetics - Sex Toys - Naughty Knickers



A PRODUCT FOR EACH GAMEVenture beyond conventional norms with specific practices, and invent your own by combining your favourite products to finda winning pleasure strategy.

SAVE THE PLANET!The materials used most for SLOW SEX are aluminium, glass and paper – all recyclable. And here’s a secret:aluminium can be recycled forever!

90% LOCAL PRODUCTIONSLOW SEX has kept travelling to a minimum to reduce our carbon emissions.

PLEASURE KNOWS NO GENDERSLOW SEX isgenderless; wanting to give or receive pleasure will suffice!

EXCLUSIVE FORMULASWe’ve worked hand-in-hand withlocal laboratoriesto achieve the perfect combination of ingredients: gluten, sugar and paraben-free and no added colours.

100% VEGAN!0% animal ingredients. None of the ingredients in SLOW SEX are derived from animals,nor are they tested on animals.

TRAVEL SIZEGot a trip coming up? SLOW SEX is the perfect size so you cantravel the world without checking in.

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