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Maison Close Chambre Noire Catsuit With Zip

Indulge your exotic dreams in the Chambre Noire collection. Indulge your love life with seductive, erotic lingerie. This matte catsuit features a zip to the crotch to invite play.

  • Maison Close Chambre Noire Catsuit 608283.
  • Features two zips, one to the crotch & one to the back.
  • Styled with the Maison Close Bunny Mask.
  • Composition: Main Fabric: (50% Polyurethane50% Polyester),Stretch Mesh: (89% Polyamide, 11% Elastane).
  • Care: Hand wash cold.
Maison Close Chambre Noire

Maison Close collection Chambre Noire


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