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Bracli & G Bra & Thong

Seductive and sexy pearl bra and Bracli & G thong set. Beautifully presented in a signature Bracli box, this is an ideal gift for your muse. Bracli has verified it and proposes a really fun, stimulating way to find the G-Spot. Introducing BRACLI & G and there's on a better name to describe a stimulant garment both for the sensitive external parts and, now also, the G-spot.

Composition: 60% Polyamide, 40% Spandex. Pearls of Manacor.
Care: Hand wash, cold water and mild soap. Hand wash after each use. Do not scrub with alcohol, rough or scouring materials. 

    Bracli & G Pearl Bra

    • It depends on your mood that you can choose between the tie in the front or the back position.
    • Besides you can change the style of the straps thanks to two pearl rings that you can move. Several bras in only one!

    Bracli & G Thong

    • BRACLI’S evolution! For a basic version (with the tie) it works as BRACLI: stimulating the clitoris. But if you have the design tied off, you can go a step forward: Besides stimulating the external parts, you will be able to achieve the G-spot to enjoy a pleasant experience. Do you dare?
    • Due to the intimate nature and for reasons of hygiene, the 'Bracli & G Thong' is non-returnable. Please order your size carefully.

    Bracli G Size Chart




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