Bijoux Indiscrets Edible Chocolate Body Paint & Feather Pen

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Bodypaint by Bijoux IndiscretsTurn your partner's body into a canvas on which to write sweet words of love, erase them with kisses and use the feather for tickling and caressing. Combine with a blindfold, so all the other senses are heightened.
  • Bijoux Indiscrets Poeme Chocolate Body Paint & Feather Pen 0122.
  • Gift ready, delivered in a branded box.
  • Please note this product only ships within the UK.
  • Poeme is not a cosmetic, it's food and it's delicious! Its glass container is the best for preserving the product.
  • Write what you always wanted to say but never dared to. Sweet words of love that are wiped away with kisses. Don’t you know yet what passion tastes like?
  • The feather´s silicone tip makes it easy to write on the skin. Let your partner be your muse, inspiring words of love. The jar is made of glass and is inspired by antique calligraphy ink bottles. Become a romantic body painting artist!
  • Poême is made in Barcelona.
  • Taste passion without any limitations, lactose-free, gluten-free.
  • Not compatible with intimate feminine areas.
  • Natural feather that has been treated and sterilized with a silicone tip (food grade).
  • Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, water, cocoa (9,0%), preservative (E-202), acidifier (E-330), and chocolate flavouring.
  • Due to reasons of hygiene, this product is non-returnable.
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