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Bijoux Indiscrets Sybille Butterfly Mask

Masks from Bijoux IndiscretsWhen the sun goes down your other self is revealed. Enjoy a night of seduction among the shadows with the Sybille butterfly mask. Behind the playful appearance, there’s a woman who knows exactly what she wants. One smile from Sybille and you will fall in surrender.

  • Bijoux Indiscrets Sybille Mask 0187.
  • Gift ready, delivered in a branded box.
  • Feminine vinyl butterfly mask with reusable stickers.
  • Although the mask looks delicate and fragile, the material is flexible, durable and lightweight for maximum comfort.
  • Dance all you want with your mask, its comfortable position allows you total freedom of movement.
  • Put your mask on in front of a mirror, on skin that is clean and free of cosmetics.
  • Enjoy 8 hours of seduction in the shadows! We recommend using them for up to 8 hours a day; remember that they are attached to your face with an adhesive.
  • Care: Wipe clean.

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