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Erotic fashion experts Bijoux Indiscrets present their sensual massage oil collection that will stimulate the sexual appetite.

Did you know that according to a study conducted by Nielsen, 84% of the population suffers from stress? 62% even declare that they feel exhausted at the end of the day. Technology and smartphones have modified our working days, extending them; the term ‘end of the day’ no longer refers to leaving work, our idea of relaxation only begins when we actually go to sleep and turn off our phones! The proven main causes of loss of libido around the world are stress and exhaustion. Therefore, the best ways to combat these are with relaxation and pleasure. With this in mind, Bijoux Indiscrets, the pioneer brand of eroticism, has launched its line of erotic cosmetics – massage oils and candles to relax our bodies, disconnect our minds, increase our energy and libido and start enjoying the small pleasures. Enjoying a sensual massage is one of the best therapies out there in order to relax the mind, body and soul.

• Massage Oils that increase libido.
• Aphrodisiac aromas and flavours to enhance pleasure and relaxation.
• Connecting with your partner is a natural aphrodisiac with great benefits for your body and mind.

The goal of this collection is to allow couples to indulge each other in a way they haven’t before, to relax and unwind, and explore each other’s effort. All products in the range are vegan, free of parabens, without gluten or sugar, for everyone to enjoy. Fragrant products with natural aphrodisiacs or edible one, with chocolate, caramel and strawberry as the main ingredients, Bijoux have got you covered, whatever your desire!

The Aphrodisia Collection is exclusive to Bijoux Indiscrets, using aphrodisiacs such as jasmine and roses in its composition, inspired by a recipe from the ancient teachings of the Kama Sutra. Shop Bijoux Indiscrets here.
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